Emergency Dentist Near Me

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We ask that you contact our office as soon as possible for assistance in the event that you are experiencing any of the following problems.

Pain in the teeth

It is possible to free food particles that have become lodged between your teeth by rinsing your mouth with warm seawater. If you are experiencing face swelling, you can find brief relief by applying a cold compress and taking acetaminophen.

Tongue, lip, or cheek can be cut.

It is important to apply pressure with sterile gauze in order to limit the risk of infection and complications when dealing with bleeding. You should also make use of your better judgment; if the cut appears to be significant and the bleeding does not appear to be stopping, you should go to an emergency hospital or get in touch with one.

Any tooth that is chipped, cracked, or broken

Warm water should be used to rinse the area. as well as applying a cold compress to the area where the damage occurred. Any shattered tooth fragments should be recovered if at all possible. The tooth fragment should be saved if at all feasible, and warm water should be used to rinse both your mouth and the tooth bits that were rescued.

A Permanent Tooth That Was Knocked Out

To retrieve the tooth, you should grasp it by the crown (the top) rather than the root. Rinse, but avoid over-cleaning or handling the item too much. Using a piece of clean gauze or cloth, position the tooth in the desired position and hold it there. When it is not possible to re-insert the tooth, you should transport it in a cup of milk or water. Putting a stop to the bleeding is of crucial importance. In order to re-secure the tooth, it is important to avoid removing any connected tissue.

Braces and Wires That Are Broken

In the event that a wire breaks or protrudes from a bracket in your braces and pokes around your mouth, you should make an effort to move it to a position that no longer causes you discomfort. You should add a cotton swab until you are able to see your physician if you are unable to accomplish this. Make no changes to the wiring. If you cut it, you can swallow it.

Canker sores, cold sensations, and abscesses

Additionally, drugs that are available without a prescription, such as acetaminophen, can provide brief relief. Please only use as directed. The gumline around the teeth is the normal location for the development of an abscess, which is a dangerous illness. It is possible for infections to spread throughout the body if they are allowed to continue unchecked. Please make an appointment with your primary care physician as soon as possible if you experience discomfort or swelling in your gums.

Additionally, we have provided you with some pain-relieving advice that you can implement until you are able to visit our clinic.